A Brief guide to E-E-liquids

The e-liquids contain herbal components and aromas that are considered safe for health, they are in fact in accordance with EC. The atomizer of the E-Cigaret are electric, they heat the e-liquid which turns into steam, thus avoiding damage resulting from combustion, and carcinogens found in traditional cigarette. Switch from smoke vapor is a way to earn healthy.

These e-liquids can be free of nicotine and in this case are identified as nicotine 0 or nicotine free, or have a more or less high percentage of nicotine depending on the habits and the degree of tobacco addiction of the one who is switching from the traditional cigarette to E-Cigaretten.

As time passes. You can try to gradually reduce the dose of nicotine by choosing to buy those e-liquids in which there is a lesser amount of nicotine. So the users of e-cigarettes have the option to reduce their nicotine gradually, unlike cigarettes snuff. Many users choose to vapor nicotine free e-liquid just to satisfy their smoking habit. For many, reaching 0mg nicotine e-liquid is the goal and you can do this slowly so you do not crave cigarettes again. For starters, try a higher concentration of either 12 or 18 mg to see whether you like the taste and whether it satisfies your craving. You can then progress to a lower level if you wish, or even all down to the concentration of 0mg. These concentration levels are usually described on the bottle in format of mg / ml.

Dosage levels are not standardized and different manufacturers have different levels. Nevertheless, these are general guidelines to follow.

  • Free nicotine = 0 mg of nicotine, only PV and / or VG and flavorings.
  • Low concentration = 6-8mg of nicotine per milliliter.
  • Medium = 10-12mg concentration of nicotine per milliliter.
  • High concentration = 16-18mg per millimeter.
  • Extra-high concentration = 24 mg per milliliter.

Another fundamental characteristic of e-liquids for E-Cigaretten is the ability to choose from a wide range of aromas: fruity, spicy, tobaccos, everyone can find for sure the taste more suitable to their taste. E-liquids for electronic cigarette are produced by different companies and are sold in stores specializing in e-cigarette. They label all useful references to identify the industry in which they are produced, this element gives security to those who use them.

Pros and Cons of E-Sigaretten

The e-sigaret is basically a "vaporizer" because it does nothing but heat an e-liquid until it becomes steam. The steam perfectly simulates the smoke and nicotine in the tank and ensures the same effects as those given off by tobacco. However, the vapor of an e-sigaretten does not contain tar, carbon monoxide or any of the other harmful substances contained in normal cigarette smoke because there is no combustion.

It is a technological innovation which in some ways has taken scientific health world by surprise the. There are still studies on potential health risks of this instrument and also on that for which it is advertised, or its effectiveness as a method to quit smoking. Lack of adequate laws which regulate the manner of production (especially in consumer protection), its marketing and its use.

Let's look briefly on pros and cons of this new "tool" which is definitely a turning point in the culture of smoking.


  • It 'satisfactory for smokers (though not quite as traditional cigarette).
  • There is no combustion so does not produce carbon monoxide, tar and other substances harmful to health contained in the smoke of traditional cigarettes.
  • When used with the intention of quitting normal smoking, it can be a help for the diehards.
  • The skin of the fingers does not become yellowish, the breath is not compromised, the clothes and the rooms do not smell of smoke.
  • The maintenance costs of e-sigaretten are significantly lower (especially for those who smoke more than one pack of cigarettes per day).


  • The taste of tobacco is still different and not at all like the steam (despite the many flavors are available).
  • In addition charging the battery, the preparation of the device and its maintenance require time which is not always the impatient are willing to concede. Different taste often cause return to traditional cigarette.
  • Since there is no legislation, there is a risk of speculative trading of this product, with possible threat of placing low quality products in the market which are not safe for health.
  • The fact of being able to smoke in public places results in an increase in addiction to those who do not want to quit smoking and want to smoke even where it is prohibited.
  • We have not yet assembled reliable data on the possible effects of e-sigaret on health, we know that nicotine is addictive and can cause problems to health.